Security Consulting
We can discuss with you what your security requirements are and guide you in the right direction as to the level or type of security that is best suited to your needs and budget.

Close Protection
From one to one Bodyguards or Close Protection Operatives to full scale security teams and drivers, depending on your situation or threat level.

Residential Security
Whether at your home or place of work RST teams work to monitor visitors, patrol, provide security screening of staff, set up an office and implement or upgrade existing CCTV equipment.

Security Pen Testing
Penetration testing simulates a terrorist attack by infiltrating the physical and technical security measures you may already have in place, establishing any weaknesses or vulnerabilities.

Sentry Consulting Ltd is the New Generation of Protective Security and Risk Management, we live up to the meaning of Sentry to Protect You, your Family, your Home, your Business. Sentry is a name you can rely on and trust when you are looking for Close Protection, Security Services, Covert Surveillance, Investigations and SIA Training.

Sentry Consulting provide an unrivalled professional close protection service that is catered to the individual needs of each of our clients, our staff have extensive experience working with High Net Worth Families including Russian Billionaires, Forbes listers, Music ‘A’ listers, Political Figures and Executive Directors.

At Sentry Consulting we have a Pro-active approach when dealing with our clients Security requirements and no close protection task is too big or too small as we go above and beyond our client’s needs with every attention to detail.


sen·try [sen-tree] noun, plural sen·tries.

‘A Protector, Defender or Guardian, Someone who Prevents Danger’

Sentry Consulting Ltd has a dedicated team of highly trained and professional Close Protection Operative’s (CPO’s) with extensive knowledge and experience from military special forces, specialist government agencies to covert surveillance and private security back grounds, our company uses group synergy and adopts every individuals expertise and brings it together to offer a service of dedication, professionalism and integrity.
We provide a security service that caters to the twist and turns of your busy and demanding lifestyle. Whether it’s a business meeting or red carpet event, a book signing or personal appearance Sentry Consulting can provide close protection to co-ordinate your schedule and accompany you to your appointments.

We can arrange for a security advance party (SAP) to conduct reconnaissance of a location prior to your arrival. We can also put in place protective surveillance to determine and identify any genuine threat and gather evidence to constantly evaluate the best possible security solution to reduce any risk associated with that threat. What ever your close protection requirements may be, leave everything to us……